Due to the current situation, the studio is staying closed until further notice.
Take care and stay healthy!

What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a manual therapy technique born in Japan in the early 20th century, but with roots more than 2000 years old.

It is at the crossroad of modern Western physiology and anatomy and ancient Eastern Traditional Medicine. It is sometimes described as acupuncture with the hands, but it is more than that.


The practitioner, through touch and gentle pressure, aims at adjusting the body balance, and gives a soothing and relaxing feeling, also helping on a mental and emotional level. Rotations of the articulations and stretching of the limbs will also improve the body condition and will help you keep in good shape.


Each session is tailored to your own needs, in your current situation. Two visits will never be the same!

Shiatsu is here to support you in your life and can help in a wide array of conditions such as: exhaustion, stress, headache, muscle tension, back pain, problems regarding digestion and menstruation, difficult life situations.


It can also be a treat to yourself or a loved one as it will improve your feeling for your own body and will increase your wellbeing.

Please note that Shiatsu cannot substitute a doctor’s advice, therefore a necessary medical treatment should not be interrupted, postponed or stopped.

About a Shiatsu session


Who can receive Shiatsu?
Shiatsu treats the whole body and is suitable for people of all age. The receiver is lying down on a futon (the traditional Japanese mattress) while the practitioner applies gentle pressure over the body. If you can’t lie down on a specific position, the practitioner can adapt, and it is possible to give a Shiatsu on a person sitting on a chair or on the ground.

What should I wear?
Shiatsu is applied fully clothed. Please wear warm fresh, comfortable and flexible clothes, including socks. No oil or accessories are used.

Where is it?
My praxis room is at my place in Leipzig East, in a very quiet street.
I also offer home visit. For those, I need a free space on the ground of approximately 2,50m by 2m. You will also need to have a large towel or a simple bed sheet to lie on, and a small piece of fabric to put under your head. A blanket might be needed too.

 How long does it take.
A session lasts around 45 minutes, with a short discussion at the beginning and a short rest at the end. Plan to be busy up to 75 minutes.
Money issues should not hinder you from getting access to alternate Health practices. You can contact me to discuss your situation.


About me

Formerly based in Paris, I have been teaching mathematics in high school for 10 years. Now established in Leipzig, I am focusing on music as a saxophone player, and on Shiatsu.

I have started studying Shiatsu in 2013 in Paris, with Ichikawa Toshi and Sophie Picard Nguyen, and am a happy student of the European Shiatsu Institute since 2015, where I am completing my training.

I speak English and French, and German.