“I have visited Sebastien Branche as I have been suffering from back pain and a general fatigue, due to long practicing hours. I am a flutist and some times a lot of body tension can be created while practicing. As a musician himself, he could easily identify the source of discomfort and heal my back pain. I found his approach very sensitive and I felt that the shiatsu session we had balanced me physically as well as emotionally.”

Marina Tantanozi, flutist

“Die Behandlung führte dazu, dass ich nach über 2 Monaten Nackenschmerzen nun schon seit Wochen komplett schmerzfrei bin! Ich empfand die für mich neue Art der Shiatsu Behandlung als angenehm und sehr entspannend, vielen Dank! Ich würde es wiederholen:)

Weeks after the session, I am still free of a 2-months-lasting neck pain! Shiatsu was something new for me, and I found the session pleasant and very relaxing , thanks a lot! I would do it again:)”

Maike, auf Facebook